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How We Make

We love the idea of supporting our local manufacturers and suppliers. We’ve got fabric from one of England’s oldest mills, wood from local FSC suppliers, and our legs are hand-turned in Manchester from UK-grown wood. You could say, we’re ‘hyper-local’ in our approach. This is all skilfully put together to create a truly unique piece of furniture.

Here’s why we like this…

  • It gives you a better product with longevity and reliability. We have control over where our materials come from and can easily connect with the designer, craftspeople, manufacturing process and you the glorious customer. 
  • When you support us by buying our furniture, you support our community. You help to keep cool skills such as woodworking and upholstery alive. 
  • Our carbon footprint is naturally low due to the low mileage our materials travel.
  • We try to keep our packaging to a minimum and re-use any old bubble wrap and cardboard we can get our hands on! 

Our confidence in the way we work means we’re happy to offer a 10 year  Guarantee for our furniture. This guarantee is valid for domestic use only, and covers loose joints, and timber breakage. It does not include issues resulting from normal wear and tear, improper care, or accidental damage. This does not affect your statutory legal rights.

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